Realty Management Associates, Inc
3762 Tamiami Trail, Suite C Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Professional Leasing &  Management for Residential Rentals

 Our team of professional property managers is committed to maximizing the benefits of your investment through efficient management of your property. You will be freed from management problems while provided the most professional real estate services.

Our licensed property management team has developed strong relationships with local real estate agents and maintenance contractors to provide you the best blend of services.

As property managers, we are dedicated to keeping your investment in good repair with minimal cost while leasing it at fair market rates while carefully screening and selecting residents.

Whether contracted to manage the investment of a single property owner, a multiple-owner, a business owner or a corporation, we give each client and each property individual attention and care.

Personal Service Management

We will target the general public with advertising and promotional campaigns and work closely with businesses to relocate their employees and families.

Maintenance of your property is supervised by a staff of respected contractors who provide competent service at competitive rates.

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